Faces of St. Andrews-Meet Rob Lucarelli

Faces of St. Andrew’s-Meet Rob Lucarelli

The man behind the innovative marketing campaign at St. Andrew’s is Ohio transplant Rob Lucarelli. A native of Cleveland, Rob earned his Bachelor of Arts from Baldwin-Wallace University. He pursued his career in marketing and public relations first at the Cleveland Play House, America’s first regional professional theatre. Later served as Director of Communications for Judson Senior Living, a non-profit life plan community, where he spent the next 16 years expanding the communications program by placing news stories about the organization, its residents, and programs. He also expanded Judson’s digital footprint via its website and social media presence.

Rob, bottom left, as a member of The Holy Rollers trivia team, back in June.
Rob, bottom left, as a member of The Holy Rollers trivia team, back in June.

Rob relocated to south Florida in 2018, making his home in Lake Worth Beach, where he found a position in the recovery community, which ultimately proved not a good fit. Rob’s creative nature kept calling and eventually, St. Andrew’s answered the call. For the past two years, he has worked part-time with Rev Cori to rebrand “Tidings” newsletter and create and manage the church’s social media presence. His digital marketing skills were put to the test during the height of the pandemic when St. Andrew’s could no longer hold in-person services. He led the charge to livestream Sunday morning services on the church’s Facebook page so the congregation could remain connected to their spiritual home.

After surviving the challenges of COVID, Rob decided it was time to engage in marketing on a full-time basis and thus began a new chapter in his career as marketing and communications associate for Alpert Jewish Family Service in West Palm Beach. Rob remains committed to St. Andrew’s and continues to collaborate with Rev Cori on special projects.

5 Questions for Rob Lucarelli

Rob standing nest to Welcome to Saint Andrews sign

What is your favorite hymn? “In Christ Alone.”

What service do you attend? Sunday, 10:00 a.m.

Do you sing in the shower or your car? Car definitely!

What is something not many people know about you? Not many people know I’m left-handed.

How would you describe St. Andrew’s in one word or phrase?
A spiritual community.