Covid-19 Safety Guidelines and Protocols

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We recommend everyone wears a mask to in-person worship services, whether you are fully vaccinated or not.

The two protocols that remain in place concern how we receive and consume communion and the exchange of the peace.

• At the time of the Exchange of the Peace, we remain in our pews, sharing signs of greeting without walking to other pews.
• We may not offer the consecrated wine. But please note that receiving the consecrated bread alone is still receiving the complete grace offered in the sacrament.
• After the prayer of consecration, Rev. Cori will station herself down front between the pulpit and lectern.
• Ushers will direct individuals towards the front, working from side to side. Please approach Rev. Cori one-by-one (single file) to receive.
• The bread will be given without words.
• Please maintain the six feet separation as you come up the main aisle.
• After everyone has been served and they return to their pews, Rev. Cori returns to the altar. She then says “The Body of Christ, the Bread of Heaven,” at which time we will all consume the bread together.