Faces of St. Andrew’s – Becoming A Woman of Integrity

You could say that St. Andrew’s practically raised Libby Bukley. Baptized and confirmed at the church, the Lake Worth Beach native is a lifelong, active member, along with her parents Donna Bragel and Ron Bukley. Growing up, she participated in the church youth program, and served on the altar as an acolyte and reader.

“St. Andrew’s is a strong presence in my life,” says Libby. “Through the close-knit community here I came to know the unconditional love of Christ.”

Yet in addition to the spiritual, there was also time for fun. As a toddler, she remembers running around the church backyard with tiny lizards attached to her earlobes like earrings. “My father taught me how to do that!” she laughs. “It seemed to traumatize some of the adults, but we had a blast!”

Fast forward to today (sans lizard earrings), Libby works for a commercial audio-video integrator, collaborating with teams to install video control rooms and command centers. She stays current on advancements in the tech industry. “Since the pandemic, the demand for our services has gone through the roof.”

Recently, Libby felt compelled to strengthen her commitment to St. Andrew’s by joining the church Vestry, lending her professional expertise to the digital marketing committee.

“I’m excited to contribute to an effort that will harness social media and other communication tools to engage our current congregation, as well as continue outreach efforts to attract new members.”

“St. Andrew’s spiritual community of family and friends is such a touchstone in my life, and it continues to thrive under Rev. Cori’s leadership,” she notes. “This community taught me how to be a woman of grace and integrity, and for that I’m eternally grateful.”


5 Questions for Libby Bukley

What is your favorite hymn? “Be Thou My Vision” – Dallán Forgaill

What service do I attend? Sunday, 10:00 a.m.

Do you sing in the shower or car? Both, but the car is where I truly shine!

What is something not many people know about you? I memorize weird things for absolutely no reason – I have the first verse of “The Modern Major General” memorized, and the first 17 digits of Pi, and other mostly useless trivia.

How would you describe St And’s in one word or phrase? Home.