Cori's Corner-showing St. Andrew's Episcopal Church and Very Reverend Cori Olson

Cori’s Corner

The Season is ending, what now?

As we enter the Great 50 Days of Easter, a time of great joy, we also say goodbye to many of our friends who come down for the “season”. It always makes me sad to say goodbye, so, I
need to find ways of filling the voids they leave. That makes it a great time to get to know the folks who are here all year better and make some new friends.

That is the impetus behind Foyer Groups! These groups, which reform ever six months, are gatherings of folks – between 8 and 10  – who have a simple dinner (no need to spend all day in the kitchen preparing) once a month. The meals can be held in homes or restaurants and meet on Friday or Saturday nights as schedules dictate. The registration form gives opportunities to make those decisions.

These can be great fun and are wonderful ways to get to know people better! My family was involved in this kind of thing back in Texas. There it was called, Dinner for 8. My mother was the first coordinator. She was so intentional to make sure that the first hosts were folks that did not have dining rooms so that it was clear that a formal space was not a requirement! And that is true here.

Drew Bartlett is spearheading this, for which I am grateful, for it is one of his favorite memories from their church life in Tallahassee. It was also an activity at Holy Spirit. In short, it is a tried-and-true method of getting to know each other, of sharing a meal, and becoming a greater part of a community.

As the priest, I’ve been asked to be a floating guest moving from group to group so that I get to know everyone. I am really looking forward to the opportunity to be involved in these dinner circles!!

I do hope that you will join. It doesn’t matter if you are single or part of a couple. All are invited to join in!

Bain sult as do bhiadh! (That’s Scot’s Gaelic for “Bon Appetit” or “Enjoy your meal!”)