Cori's Corner-showing St. Andrew's Episcopal Church and Very Reverend Cori Olson

Cori’s Corner

Greetings Friends,

I’m writing today to share some good news and answer a question or two I’ve been asked.

First, I am delighted to share that a member of the congregation has come forward and will sponsor the new air conditioner we need for the upstairs. That, as you may recall, was a $15,000 expense that we had not expected and we are grateful to accept the gift! The giver has expressed their desire to remain anonymous.

Second, right after the newsletter hit our in-boxes, another member of the congregation said that he would like to sponsor the new candles we need for the retable. We are grateful for his gift.

Now to an update and to answer a question about the Instant Church Directory:

I am delighted to say that quite a few people have been downloading the app, adding information, and adding their pictures. Thank you! Linda Sullivan and I are both happy to be able to help that along.

Question one – “What if I don’t have a picture I like?”
One answer, come to church on Sunday looking like you want to look and we’ll take a picture to up-load for you. You can do this even if you don’t have a smartphone, ‘cause I can upload it for you!

Question two – “What about those of us who do not have smartphones?!?”
Don’t despair, as soon as we have the directory a bit more filled out, we can print out copies for those who need one! I myself will print out a copy to keep in my car for days my battery runs down or I forget my phone. They should be available in just a few weeks. Do help us by letting us take a picture of you or we can scan in a picture you have so that your face is one of those smiling out at us all!

Please let me know if you have any other questions! I’m happy to let you know what you are curious about!!

Now to my question, what hymns would you like to sing this summer? I’ve been asked to pick familiar hymns for the part of the year when the choir is not rehearsing (their last day will be June 19th). Since YOU are the ones who know best what is familiar to YOU, what would you like to sing?

Please respond to this message to help me start that list!

Peace my friends!,

p.s. Remember to let me know about the hymns!

The Very Reverend Cori Olson
Rector, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church