Cori's Corner-showing St. Andrew's Episcopal Church and Very Reverend Cori Olson

Cori’s Corner—Easter Volunteers

Dear Friends,

It’s been two years since that day when we were shuttered our churches in response to the COVID pandemic. We didn’t know that it would last this long. We didn’t realize how much we would lose. Now, we hope that this is its end!

Over the past two years a lot of things have changed that we were not fully able to absorb. Some of our beloved members have died and we could not gather as we always did to say goodbye. Others moved away and are no longer a part of the community. Their place in the community vacant.

Now as the church is blooming again in the light of a new spring, we can see what we’ve lost with fresh eyes. In our planning meetings for the celebrations of Easter, we wondered, “Can we do what we used to do?” What about the Agape Supper on Maundy Thursday in Holy Week? What about the Easter Egg Hunt? What about the Easter Brunch? Who will do the work these events require now after so much change in our church family?

But it has not been all loss; it never is! New people have joined the congregation. As people moved out others have moved in. Some of the new have not yet found their place in the family.

And so that is my question to you. Can you help make all of these things come back to us? It really does feel like an Easter question. With Barbara Richardson in North Carolina – one of our last departures – and Patrick and Tommy in north Florida – one of our first – can we fill the roles that they once filled? I certainly hope so!

If you would like to see an Agape Supper, an Easter Egg Hunt, and an Easter Brunch then we need your help! We need people to set up, to provide food, to clean up, and to organize the events. Each one needs a coordinator to help us run smoothly and many hands to make the work light!

Please, if you can be a part of these, send me a note at this address: In my eagerness for a truly joyful Easter after two years of modest celebrations, I want it ALL! I want all the flowers – even those I’m allergic to – all the music, all the food, and all of the family. I want no one left out! God wants no one left out!

Never has the story of the Resurrection seemed as important to our community as it does today! As we walk these days of Lent, let us reach out working hands to serve at the celebration of its end!

All love,

p.s. Don’t forget to send me an email to say how you can be a part of a grand Easter celebration!